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Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Neck Pain

Treatment for Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem, where two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some point in their lives. Sometimes neck pain can result in tension headaches too. Most cases are not serious, it can be causes of poor posture, sleeping position, stress or muscular strain. Most cases, neck pain lasts a week or less and can be treated at home.

When To See A Physician

If the problem persists for more than a week or your neck pain is long-lasting (chronic) or neck pain occurs after an injury, you have to consult a healthcare professional.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

  • Spread to the upper back, shoulders, or arms
  • Musscles tightness
  • Make your neck stiff or tender
  • Severe pain
  • headaches

How is neck pain diagnosed?

Your doctor will ask questions about your symptoms and do a physical examination. Sometimes there will be more tests needed such as X-ray, MRI scan, or CT scan which can show the neck muscles and tissues. These tests may be done to check the neck bones, spinal discs, spinal nerve roots, and spinal cord.

How is it treated?

The type of treatment you need will depend on whether your neck pain is caused by activities, an injury, or another medical condition. Non-surgical treatments usually provide sufficient relief.

The modern medical treatment is used for the treatment of back ailments especially for people suffering from disc-related problems which is done without surgery and spinal injection. Physical therapy (ultrasound, massage, manipulation), local injections of cortisone or anesthetics, topical anesthetic creams, topical pain-relief patches, muscle relaxants, analgesics, etc.


Surgery is rarely required for neck pain. It may be an option when neck pain is caused by certain conditions.

Prevention of Neck Pain

  • Good Posture
  • Good Sleeping Position
  • Exercise
  • Adequate rest